Thaum HP and Mana Amulet Quests

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Part 1 for Thaums

  1. Talk to Initiate.Baraldun in Kesmai near priest.
  2. Go kill the Spirit.of.Misfortune, with curse, which roams the temple.
  3. Talk to Initiate.Baraldun again.
    • Head to Axe Glacier
  4. Talk to Seer.Velara near trainer Phredick.
  5. Head to southwest cave right next to Axe town and kill the Lingering.Spirit with Death.
  6. Talk to Seer.Velara again.
    • Reward: you just got +2 HP.

Part 2 for Thaums

  1. Kill Ydnac in Kesmai (must get killing blow).
  2. Talk to prisoner Alastyr behind Ydnac.
    • Head to Leng.
  3. Go kill Vlad in his tower and take his necklace.
  4. Head to Kesmai temple and talk to Alastyr. Drop the amulet and have him teach.
  5. He will give you a scroll. Pick up the scroll
    • You MUST take the scroll!
    • Head to Axe Glacier
  6. Make your way to Jack and Jill, and get killing blow on either one of them.
    • Did you remember the Scroll?
  7. Go back down the stairs from J&J Lair, if you immediately head East from the stairs you will get teleported to a ledge with Alastyr Shadow. Drop the scroll and teach.
    • Reward: You just earned +5 hp.

  1. Head to Leng and kill Mini OL (his name is Rytsala) who is hiding out above the Griff Cliff to the far North East hiding behind a door that is above broken portal.
    • You MUST get killing blow.
  2. Pick up the necklace he drops.
  3. Take the necklace back to Kesmai Temple and bring it to Elder.Ydcor. Drop it and teach.
  4. Elder will now drop the mana regen amulet.
    • Reward: You just earned +8 hp.

Part 3 for Thaums

 This next part is optional but will grant an additional +15 hp 
  1. Rally to the pit in the far northwest on the Oak surface.
  2. There, Hierophant Nightshade and her colleague Elder Graymist will ask you to investigate a demonic scouting party that has set up in the small pit below, guarded by an adorable but feisty guard rat.
    • Start by speaking with Elder.Graymist first.
    • Only proceed down if you have reached skill 14. You will need to be quick with your spells to survive.
    • Two in particular are required - poison cloud and curse.
  3. Kill the demon and Bring back the green bottle you find on the demon leader to Nightshade.
    • Reward: +3/4 silver Thaum-only snake staff that casts neutralize poison, drops from demon leader (double click to cast neutralize, use command to throw as snake).
    • Reward: You just earned +15 hp.